What Animal Were You In Your Past Life?

Here are all the results with descriptions

In your past life you were a lion! You have unmistakable nobility but the unruffled calm that only a lion could have. You have a dignified walk and always speak carefully and with boldness. You love being the center of attention and never fear being ignored as it never happens to you.

In a past life you were a hummingbird! Effervescent and full of energy, you flit from thing to thing much like the beautiful and exotic hummingbird. Much like these little birds, you hate feeling as if you are stuck in one place for two long.

Grizzly Bear
In a past life you were a grizzly bear! With unbridled intelligence, confidence, and instinct, there's no doubt in our minds that you were once a majestic grizzly. With a killer sense of who you are and what you want in life, you never back down from a challenge.

In a past life you were a dog! You are a loyal and empathetic person who prefers to roll with others rather than by yourself. You truly love and care for others, often putting your friends and family before yourself. You are an eternal optimist who hates to look at the world negatively.

In a past life you were an orangutan! You are highly intelligent, soulful, and logical. You love to problem solve and never back down from a difficult task or challenge. You don't ever let yourself feel limited by your circumstances in life.