What Is My Patronus?

Find out what shape your magical protector takes. Your patronus is unique to you and can be anything from a rat terrier to a stingray but will always reflect your personality.

Tags: Deity, Guardian, Symbol

Here are all the results with descriptions

A Red-Tailed Hawk
You are incredibly comfortable with yourself. Sure-footed and brave you aspire to be the best version of yourself. A red-tailed hawk helps remind you of your bravery in weaker moments and allows you to remember where you came from.

A Caribou
You are one of the wisest people most of your circle has ever met. You have a lot of lived experience and always use difficult parts of life as a learning opportunity. A caribou helps keep you grounded, steady, and trust in yourself.

A Fox
You are creative, quick-witted, and incredibly capable. You almost always have a creative endeavor or plan you're working on to lead a fulfilling life. The fox helps you maintain your wits in times of fear, your intelligence is your greatest asset.

A Salmon
You are a fairly methodical person who lives for developing a safe and sound routine. You scare fairly easily but the salmon always helps you to return home where you live your most comfortable life.

A Humpback Whale
You are incredibly unique and often feel larger than life. You fear being forgotten or fading into nothingness. The humpback whale helps you remember your worth time and time again so that you can impress those around you, which you often do.

A Mountain Lion
You are a fiercely independent person. You fear needing others and constantly strive to be in charge. You are a born leader but when life gets you down the mountain lion helps you to survive. The mountain lion offers you a protection that you usually offer others.