Are You Popular?

Answer these simple questions to find out how popular your personality makes you. The answer may surprise you!

Here are all the results with descriptions

Fairly Popular
You have close friendships that have lasted for years. Your name is known in some circles, because your reputation precedes you. You may not be a social butterfly, but that's okay. People enjoy your personality and company.

Pretty Popular
You have mostly close friendships and a few not-so-close friends. Your face comes to mind whenever someone mentions your name. Everyone may not know you, but they certainly know of you. People enjoy your sense of humor and conversation.

Totally Popular
You have slightly more close friends than not-so-close friends. You hang out in different circles and with different people. Almost everyone knows you, because you get to know everyone. People enjoy your sincerity and open-mindedness.

Very Popular
You have an equal number of close friends and not-so-close friends. You get invited to events, but you prefer to hang out only with certain people. Everyone knows you, although they may not hang out with you. People enjoy your consistency and transparency.

Exceptionally Popular
You have so many friends that it is just impossible to keep track of them. You get invited to events, but your social calendar stays filled. Everyone knows you and they get a chance to hang out with you. People enjoy just being in the same vicinity as you.

Extremely Popular
Everyone is your friend or at least wants to be your friend. Your name is known in all circles and you are the one that invites people to your events. Everyone knows you, but they probably will not get much of your time. People enjoy just the opportunity to hang out with you.