How Old Am I Mentally?

Have you ever wondered whether people take you seriously or not? Perhaps you feel like they don't and wonder if it's due to something you're doing or just their perception of you. This quiz can help you figure out what your mental age really is and how old you may be projecting yourself as to the rest of the world.

Tags: Personality, Emotional, Maturity, Behavior

Here are all the results with descriptions

Practically a child still
Hey, being a child at heart is one thing. But acting like a child in social and profession settings is a whole different realm of uncomfortable. Not only is your behavior not politically correct or socially acceptable, but you are likely alienating your friends and family in the process of trying to hold onto your youth. Lighten up, and grow up a bit.

21 Forever
Your friends are growing tired of your antics. You're not 21 anymore, and the bar scene isn't your playground, despite what kind of skills you may think you have on the dance floor or with the opposite gender.

Dirty 30
You've got plenty of good years left in you yet. You're just now approaching an age where many of your peers are settling down. You've likely got a good workflow going and your career looks prosperous. The next decade is still likely to teach you a lot, just like your twenties did, but it shouldn't be as painful to learn the lessons that are ahead.

Lordy, You're 40
The good news is 40 is the new 30, or so we hear. You're not old yet. You've got the next decade or so to prove that you've still got it, but that doesn't mean you should start planning for a midlife crisis. Enjoy being in the present. You're only 40 once.

50 And Nifty
This can go two ways. You can embrace this turning point in your life, or you can go into total midlife crisis mode, buy a red convertible sports car, and leave your partner for someone half you age. We wouldn't recommend it, but you're old enough to make your own decisions. Just remember it's you who is accountable for the consequences, too.

Old enough not to divulge your age anymore
Hey, we could pretend age is just a number, but at your age, we know that's not true. You've paid your dues. You've learned some tough lessons. You now enjoy watching young people learn the same ones, knowing all the while what's to come for them. The good news is your ripe old age comes with a wealth of wisdom. Rock it.