What Season Am I?

If you could be described as any of the four seasons, what one do you think you would be? Find out the answer after taking this short and simple quiz!

Tags: Personality, Summer, Winter, Spring, Fall, Seasons

Here are all the results with descriptions

If you had to be described as a season, the one that suits you best according to this quiz is winter. You can be a bit cold at times, but you're also very beautiful and cozy when you want to be just like how people feel watching fresh snowflakes fall and blanket the ground.

When people think of you, the season that should come to mind is spring. You are fresh, fun, and ready for new adventures at any given time. You're someone that believes in giving second chances and starting all over isn't a problem when it comes to the things that happen in your life.

You are definitely summer according to the way you answered these questions. You are smoking hot, full of fun, and always ready for late nights and living life to the fullest. We can guess you would much rather spend a night under the stars then wrapped up in a blanket stuck inside.

Crisp, cool, and comfortable are some of your personality traits and that's what makes you fit with the season of fall. You probably enjoy going to pumpkin patches and the smell of autumn leaves burning. You're a friend that people can always count on to be there for you when all the excitement has settled down, just like fall coming after an entergetic summer is over.