What Should You Teach If You Were A Teacher?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Watercolor Painting
You are a free-spirit, someone who dances like no one’s watching…even if there’s not an ounce of music playing! You don’t like to be tied down by societal standards, and you’d rather go against the grain and be your own person, as long as you’re happy. You aim to stand out, be unique, and be yourself. Watercolor painting is all about letting go and letting the paints do their own thing – letting the art create itself, so to speak. You’d make an excellent watercolor painting teacher!

Creative Writing
You are very eloquent and well-spoken. You have a way of expressing yourself so articulately, beautifully, and explicitly that everyone feels compelled to listen. It goes without saying that you have a way with words, and you love to express yourself and let others hear your ideas and thoughts. You are also very introspective and thoughtful – you love thinking and wondering about life’s mysteries. You’d make a wonderful creative writing teacher.

You have a very curious mind. You love realizing that the simplest things are actually complex and so beautifully put together. You’re also adventurous and outdoors-y, a true nature lover. You enjoy being able to go outside and take a breath of fresh air and marvel at all that nature has to offer. You would be a great biology teacher! It is the study of life, after all.

You are a people person. You love meeting new people, catching up with old friends, and really, just observing people. How we think and interact with each other interests and intrigues you so much. You are also very perceptive and empathetic – you can really sense what others are feeling and feel for them as well. You would make an excellent psychology teacher!

Mathematic Theory
You are focused, detail-oriented, and very intelligent. You’re a creative thinker, a problem solver. You like taking a problem and looking at it through many different lenses until you find that there’s actually more than one solution! You’d be an excellent and inspiration Mathematic Theory teacher!