What Saint Am I?

Which saint do you think you are? What are you the patron saint of? If you think you might be saintly, or that you would be good at guiding people, then take this quiz to see which saint you are!


What Saint Am I?

Here are all the results with descriptions

St. Christopher
You are the patron saint of travelers and one who protects! He's also the patron of storms and toothache. St. Christopher was nearly a giant - he reportedly stood 7 feet 7 inches. St. Christopher once carried a child across a river and when he asked the child why he was so heavy, the child responded that he was, in fact, Jesus and that he was heavy because he carried the weight of the world. Christopher's real name is Reprobus, but Christopher means 'Christ bearer' - which he did.

St. Gobnait
You are the patron saint of beekeepers and joy! She is also called Abigail or Deborah, both of which mean the same things as Gobnait - joy. Gobnait was told by an angel to go inland (she lived in Ireland) and look for a place with nine white deer and that's where she would be resurrected (probably in the form of a bee) when she died. She found the nine white deer and started a convent and kept bees and cured people with honey.

St. Honore
You are the patron saint of breads, pastries, and you even have your own special cake! After St. Honore died, when people started walking processions in his honor, droughts would stop or floods would recede and wheat harvests would be saved. When he was made bishop, his childhood nanny said she wouldn't believe unless her bread paddle became a tree. It did! It became a blackberry tree. Now, on his feast days, a cake made of cream puffs is made in his honor!

St. Vitus
You are the patron saint of dancers, actors, and comedians! St. Vitus became a Christian at the age of 12 at the end of the 3rd century. He was known for doing miracles, but when he refused to sacrifice to Roman gods, the Romans accused him of sorcery. He fled with his tutor and his servant and they were guided by an angel through storms, falling temples, and torture until they reached Lucania.

St. Francis
You are the patron saint of animals! St. Francis could soothe wild beasts and talk to animals! Not only that, he was incredibly brave. He went to Egypt to convert Egyptians during a war and expected to meet his death in the process. He tried to strike a deal with a Sultan that if he walked into a fire pit and survived the Sultan and his people would convert to Christianity. The Sultan was impressed and didn't let Francis walk through fire, but did make it so that Francis was allowed to preach!

St. Christina the Astonishing
You are the patron saint of psychiatrists and the mentally ill! What's astonishing is that nothing can hold you back. St. Christina was considered a saint while she was still alive because when she was in her 20s, she arose from death at her own funeral and flew into the rafters of the church! She said she had visited Hell, Purgatory, and Heaven. She lived to be 74. She was such an introvert that she hid from people by climbing trees or even crawling in an oven!