Is My House Haunted?

Wondering if your house is haunted? Then it's time to find out for sure! Answer the questions and get your answer, it's that simple. We shall see what's up!

Tags: Haunted, Ghosts, Home, Spirits

1. Is your house super old? Like 70's or even farther back?

Yes No

2. How about even the 80's?

Yes No

3. Have you ever taken the time to pull out any historical facts on the house?

Yes No

4. Find anything extra juicy in those historical facts?

Yes Unclear Nope

5. Have you ever seen something... strange?

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6. Has someone unseen ever called out your name?

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Super Haunted
Your house is totally haunted. You're seeing things, hearing things, feeling things, and it's not a coincidence. That much stuff going on? Come on now! You know it's haunted! Now you have a choice here: to live and let live, or to hire a professional to help the spirit(s) move on. Your choice here, but let it be known now, it could get intense.

Possibly Haunted
To be honest, the results are a little inconclusive! There's evidence that suggests that your house could be haunted, but it's just an old house too. . . And old houses make noises. They creak, they groan. Not to mention, you haven't heard or seen anything more. . . conclusive. So it's up in the air really. Maybe do a cleanse just to be safe?

Not Haunted, Booooo
Your house is not haunted at all. It's either too new, or just. . . outright not haunted anyway. There's no ghost wandering the halls, no weird historical facts, no previous deaths, no tragic stories hidden in the walls. There's no reason to believe it's haunted, but hey, give it a few more decades and that could change, right?