Am I Approachable?

Do you have a hard time meeting new people? Does it seem like when you're out, people tend to avoid you? Find out if you're an approachable type of person with this quiz!

Tags: Personality, Kind, Nice

Here are all the results with descriptions

Not Approachable At All
There isn't a single thing about you that makes you approachable. In fact, you're on the exact opposite side of the spectrum. We're guessing that most people look at you and think you're scary. Lighten up!

Not Very Approachable
You may have a few minutes throughout your day where you seem like an approachable person, but for the most part, we're guessing that people steer clear of you. Time to start being a little more open-minded and welcoming if you want to ever have any friends.

Kind Of Approachable
It seems as though you have times when you're approachable, and an equal amount of times when you're not. It's something that changes with your mood, and people can pick up on it from a mile away. Focus on those more approachable moments if you want to make improvements.

Fairly Approachable
For the most part, you're a fairly approachable person. People don't usually have much of an issue talking to you, but when you're in the mood to be left alone, you don't hesitate to let people know. It's kind of scary, so good thing it doesn't happen too often!

Pretty Approachable
You are someone that people see as pretty approachable. There might be days when you just want to be left alone, but for the most part, you enjoy the chit-chat. It has led to some pretty amazing relationships, so why not?

100% Approachable
We're guessing, if you were honest with your answers here, you have a ton of people in your life. Everything about you makes you someone that's easy to approach, and not many people can say that. You probably have complete strangers coming up to you just to say hi!