What Historical Figure Am I?

It's time to find your place in history. Were you a benevolent ruler, a stern dictator, or maybe you were better suited as a renowned lover or poet. Take the quiz to find out!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Renowned Author
Your creative juices never seem to stop flowing. In a different life you may have been a famous poet laureate or created masterworks of art that future generations are studying. It is never too late to follow your dreams and passion.

Military General
Your organizational and communication skills are beyond what most people could ever imagine having. You are a natural leader with a keen intellect. These characteristics are just some of the few reasons why you would have had a stunning military career.

King or Queen
Loyal, noble, regal. These are just a few of the characteristics those closest to you would say you would have. It still remains to be seen if you would he been a ruthless ruler or known for your kindness and bringing peace to your realm.

Respected Scientist
Your love of science and math are just the begins of your powerful intellect. With your ability to solve problems, you would have been one of the most prominent geniuses in history. Be cautious though as from time to time you forget about the trivial things in life, like friends, love and eating.

Political Leader or President
Courageous, strategic vision, integrity and drive. That is how to describe you in a nutshell. You are always a leader, even if a reluctant one. It is never too late to seek out roles that will help you lead people to create a better world for everyone.

What can really be said about someone with questionable morals and a desire to be a ruler that does not allow someone to question them? Your charisma and stern view will allow you to rise through the ranks, the question remains, what will you do when you get there?