What Is My Phobia?

Take a moment to think about what frightens you. Is there anything that you can think of that you generally avoid because it makes you uncomfortable? It's possible that you have a phobia. Take this quiz to find out for fun!

Here are all the results with descriptions

Your phobia is heights. You avoid them at all cost. Whenever you travel, you specifically ask for a room on the first or second floor in hotels. You would never climb a ladder or do any roof work such as clean your own gutters because heights scare you that much.

Your phobia is flying. You have slightly considered the thought if you were in an extreme emergency situation, but other than that there's no way that you would ever voluntarily get on a plane. You aren't fond of 3D movies because of the feeling of being in a plane at times.

Your phobia is the fear of germs or dirt. You wash your hands so frequently that your hands tend to stay extremely dry. You have small cuts on your hand that your pocket hand sanitizer tends to make burn, but you cold care less because it equals less germs.

You sincerely have a phobia of failure. Some nights you don't get rest because you are constantly thinking of a master plan. You have pursued a higher education or certification and you have always worked more than one job because of the fear of failure.

You are truly scared of the dark, which is your phobia. You always keep a hallway or bathroom light on at night in your home because you are that afraid. You tend to avoid going out at night unless you really have to.

Your phobia is a fear of puppets. As a child, you absolutely hated puppet shows and would close your eyes during most of the shows. You avoid places that may possibly have puppets . Some mascots scare you as well because they resemble puppets.