What Book Are You?

Here are all the results with descriptions

To Kill A Mockingbird
You got To Kill A Mockingbird! Ripe with mystery and adventure, this beloved classic fits you perfectly. You are quizzical which may lead you on many of adventures. Just be careful!

A Christmas Carol
You got A Christmas Carol! A book filled with greed that turns into Christmas cheer, this book fits you. With an open mind, your always up for learning things, even if it's being told you were wrong sometimes.

You got It! One of Stephan King's more known horror classic, this book fits you and your love for all things scary. You have a lack of fear that many envy.

The Outsiders
You got The Outsiders! With it's thrown back feeling, it fits you and your rebellious personality. You are not afraid to kick up some dirt and get into a fight if needed.

The Adventure Of Sherlock Holmes
You got The Adventure Of Sherlock Holmes! Centered around a genius of a detective,this book fits you and your quick wit. With a quick mind and a great intuition, you can solve many things.