What Nationality Am I Based On Looks?

Have you ever wondered what nationality you most closely resemble? Take this quiz and find out where in the world your looks are from. Have fun and if you enjoy taking it please share!

Tags: Personality, Nationality, Ancestry, Genealogy, Country

Here are all the results with descriptions

You are a beauty to behold. Your dark skin, curly hair, and full lips make you most resemble someone from Africa. Embrace your looks because you are absolutely stunning. Your skin and smile are your best features so don't be afraid to flaunt them!

East Asian
Your petite frame, monolids, and small features helped us to determine that your looks make you most look East Asian. Think China and Mongolia area. You look like an empress/emperor so embrace your looks!

South American
You have some flavor in your looks. Your looks makes you closely resemble someone from South America. Your curves, tan skin, and dark features make you a beauty to behold. Embrace your looks and your inner flavor because you are gorgeous!

Your look is very European. Like many super models your bone structure and light eyes makes you an instant beauty. Enjoy your universal looks and play up those eyes because they are absolutely stunning!

West Asian
Your look closely resembles someone from West Asia, such as India. Your tan skin and beautiful eyes are a sure sign of your beauty. Remember to embrace these characteristics because you are absolutely beautiful!

North American
Your look is distinctly North American. This can be seen in your fair skin and light eyes. You are a real catch and are amazing to look at, at any and all angles so always remember how beautiful you are!