Soul Animal Quiz

Ever wondered what animal you're most connected to soulfully? We have the answer for you! Answer a few short questions and find out what animal lies within.

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Here are all the results with descriptions

The Lion
You are a regal beast full of power and pride. You are a natural born leader and are quick to protect those you love. Just like any cat, you move on your own accord, but nothing is done without the consideration of those around you. You are loyal person to have and can always be depended on.

The Koi Fish
You have a calming nature about you and that's what everyone in your life loves. They know you will guide them to the answers to their deepest questions about life. Like the water you reside in, you go with the flow. You naturally move with the harmony of the world around you, giving you an eternal level of peace and happiness.

The Eagle
You are all about seeing the great wide world and refuse to be held down anywhere. You have a free spirit that needs to soar. You are also extremely independent and know how to make moves when you need to. With the way you like to travel, you can't afford not to.

The Panda Bear
You are the definition of cool, calm, and collected. Your level of nonchalance can sometimes come off as lazy, but that's okay. Your comfort is your number one priority. You are the prime example of self love. You do things only when you absolutely feel like it and spend much of your time sleeping. Food is your best friend and we do not blame you. Sit back, relax, and watch the latest Netflix original (until you fall asleep again).

A Dog
You are everyone's best friend! When you walk into a room, people are excited to see you. You know how to get a party started and can mix and mingle with just about anyone. You are a great peacemaker with your ability to bring fun to any room, sometimes even with just your smile. You're THAT good.

The Fox
You have a plan for everything and most of the time, they work out in your favor. You see life like a chess match and have already figured out the win by the first move. You are methodical and stealthy. While everyone else is fumbling through life, you already figured out the puzzle and are building a major empire in the background.