Am I Stupid?

Has anyone ever accused you of being stupid? Even though it's pretty mean, it may have left you wondering if they were right. Find out by taking this quiz!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Pretty Darn Stupid
Well, you asked, so we have to tell you. . . you're stupid. You didn't get any of these questions correct which is kind of sad because they really weren't all that difficult. You might want to consider taking a class or at least picking up a book!

Very Stupid
You got a couple of these questions right, but for the most part, you're not very smart and missed the majority. If someone told you that you were stupid, they might have picked up on something. It's time to get some studying in!

An Average Stupid
You got about half of these questions right so we wouldn't say that you're stupid, but you aren't exactly a genius either. It's okay to not know everything, but you should probably do a little internet research on basic knowledge to catch up a bit.

Not Very Stupid
We don't think that you're very stupid at all! In fact, you got most of these questions right so. Hopefully, nobody else thinks that you're stupid either. If they do, maybe you could challenge them into taking this quiz too and see if they can come close to your score.

Not Stupid At All
We really hope you don't think that you're stupid because you're not! You got every single one of these questions right making you the exact opposite of stupid. Don't ever let anyone tell you any different.