High School Quiz

Are you in high school, recently graduated, or even an alumni from decades ago? At some point you knew or should know the answers to these quiz questions. Try it and see!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Failed High School
Oh boy. You failed high school according to our quiz. You didn't get a single question right! Maybe you didn't pay attention or hopefully, you haven't gone through these grades yet and you were just guessing.

Didn't Do Very Well In High School
You got a couple of these questions right but missed the majority of them. You were probably one of those kids that went to school just because your parents made you and you didn't care about passing or failing. Are we close?

Did Okay In High School
You are at an average level missing about half of these questions but getting the other half correct. If you want to dust off some of your old textbooks, we bet you could do better next time around after some studying.

Did Great In High School
You weren't valedictorian, but we're guessing that you did pretty darn good in high school. You only missed a couple of questions here, and that's something we think that you should be proud of. See if your friends can do that!

Got 100% In High School
Either you're in high school right now so these questions are still pretty relevant or you're just one smart cookie. You got every single one of these answers correct! That something that you can go back and brag about to your classmates.