Are You Powerful?

Can you identify your true power? Take this quiz and see if you are right!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Spiritual Power
Your power is to bring harmony into the world. When you live life in strength, you are a calm and joyous person who reminds people to have faith in the divine and to trust in themselves. No matter how bad things might look, there is an order to the Universe and the sun rises after the dark of night. Your power colors are WHITE and RED.

Brain Power
Your power lies in your rational logic. When you live life in your strength, you are able to see through the confusion of choices and misunderstandings to point out the problem and either fix it or invent something that will fix it. Your power color is GREEN.

Persuasive Power
Your power is in your speech. You have a natural command of words, and when you live life in your strength, you speak the truth loudly and clearly. You can use your power to convince anyone to see your point of view, but that point of view will always be for the highest good of everyone involved. Your power color is YELLOW.

Heart Power
You have the power of love--the strongest of all powers! When you live life from your heart, you will become a magnet for everyone around you. Giving love means receiving love, and you will find yourself in the center of a group of supportive friends and family who look to you as their guide and mentor. Your power color is BLUE.

Physical Power
You have strength of body and mind. You have a natural tendency toward athleticism and physical strength, and the mental power to focus on achieving your goals. When you live life in your power, you are able to fight off anything and everyone, whether it's a cold, a negative personal attack, or just plain bad luck. Your power color is ORANGE.

Sexual Power!
Your power is your intense energy. When you are living life in your strength, you light up with an inner passion that transmits itself to everyone around you. Like the magnetic attraction of sexual chemistry, your power has the ability to overthrow reason and break the boundaries of time and space. Use it wisely! Your power color is RED GOLD.