What Mythical Monster Where You?

What creature were you in your other life! Hmmm mysterious! What type of mythical creature were you? Were you a werewolf, witch, demon, faire, angel? other? Find out with this awesome quiz!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Fye are like fairies but Fye wings are feathered, like angels. While fairies are good natured, Fye are full of black magic, destroying anything they please.

You aren't a werewolf or anything, you actually turn into animals. No one can distinguish you from other animals, with a high temper and sometimes hostile thoughts, you're most likely to be hunted.

Your mysterious and dangerous. While you may have your own personality you're feared by some. You're eyesight isn't to grate but you're hearing is very sharp. like you're teeth.

You're voice makes you very dangerous for med out on sea, its intriguing and in a way hypnotic. You're looks are perfect to the men. You're hunted for bravery and honor.

While you can take form of human looks, you are immortal to everything but glass. You're very powerful, more than a witch and more dangerous than a siren. You feed off of fear.

Haunting ghost
You're not helpless, you can be Seen and you can grab things, people can grab you, but you can also float you're urge to get revenge is strong so is you're will. You're immortal and very dangerous. Everyone fears you, nothing can kill you.