What Type Of Intelligence Do I Have?

Did you know that there are several different kinds of intelligence types? Are you curious as to what type of intelligence you have? Take this quiz and find out!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Can you distinguish rhythm, pitch, timbre, and tone in most musical pieces? That probably means you are musically intelligent. You likely can create, recognize, or reproduce the sounds you hear. Many people that are musically intelligent are also mathematically intelligent. We can guess that you have a habit of humming or drumming while performing everyday tasks.

Have you ever thought that you could see different things in a 3-D perspective? That's what spatial intelligence is. Drawing, daydreaming, and putting together puzzles are common hobbies of spatial intelligence people. The best jobs for those with this kind of mental imagery, spatial reasoning, and artistic skills make good pilots, painters, sculptors, sailors, and architects.

Naturalists are people that can recognize the difference between all living things found in nature such as plants or animals. They usually have a sensitivity to things like rock formations, clouds, and other occurrences found in the natural world. Botanists are often naturalists, and so are chefs.

Do you use your body and physical capabilities frequently to accomplish different things? That means you are likely bodily-kinesthetic with an ability to create a perfect timing between mind and body. Athletes, craftspeople, surgeons, and dancers frequently possess this kind of intelligence.

We can guess that you have a good relationship with a lot of people. Intra-personal people can pick up on verbal and non-verbal communication from others, and they can look openly at many different ways of thinking. Intra-personal individuals often make great leaders.

You have intelligence that goes above and beyond what normal people have. It's the ability to think about the much larger questions in life like how we got here in the first place, why we die, and what the meaning of it all is. We can guess your friends and family are often looking to you when they are in need of advice.