How Sociable Are You?

Are you the life of the party or a bit of a loner?

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The Hermit Crab
You hate crowds, loud music, selfies and big parties. You've turned down so many invitations to things that people long ago stopped asking you to go places, and you're probably more than fine with that. You'd much prefer to have a friend or two come over and hang out in your house, while watching artsy movies and eating a quiet gourmet dinner that you've ordered in. Other people might not really understand you, but you're quite happy with the comfy little nest and quiet life you lead, and you don't need permission from others to live that way.

Intentionally Introverted
You like being an introvert, and while you do manage to get out of the house now and then to attend something important, you'd much rather spend time alone or with a couple of very good friends and loved ones. Other people try and get you to go out more, and sometimes make it a mission to take you to parties or clubs, and you usually refuse, which makes you all the more mysterious to them. You probably love art and music and are more in tune with reading the emotional states of other people than they realize.

The Reluctant Socialite
You don't really like going out or doing social things that other people do, but you grit your teeth and attend anyway, hoping to avoid harassment, get it over with, and go home and be alone with your glass of red wine, comfy pajamas and TiVo. You don't always have a horrible time, either-sometimes you actually have a lot of fun-but it's never enough fun to make you give up the quiet home routine that you have come to love. Other people don't usually realize that you're not really the social butterfly that they think you are, and are surprised when you announce that you've had enough and are calling it a night.

Fairly Forward
Neither an extrovert nor an introvert, you walk the line between being a party animal and a hermit crab. You enjoy people if they are compatible with you and your personality, and if they don't, you rarely make the effort to develop a relationship with them. You tend to either have a great time in social situations or a really boring time, and you also appreciate time spent alone at home. You are usually pretty straightforward with people and let them know how you feel, which saves you from having to suffer through uncomfortable social gatherings that you'd rather not attend.

The Effervescent Extrovert
Bright, lively and friendly, you are the queen or king of stimulating conversation and sparkling manners. You make dinner parties fun and entertaining just by showing up. You're probably quiet popular and a sought-after party guest, and we're not surprised to hear that your social calendar is booked for the next few months in advance. You're polite, talkative and also know how to listen, and people tend to love you for your bubbly, charismatic personality.

The Social Butterfly
You are quite the master of communication! In fact, you crave social contact with others so badly that it's pretty hard for you to go even a few minutes being alone. You probably are constantly texting, talking, shouting and singing, or doing some other form of communicating. You are a social media addict, and update your statuses several times a day, if not more. You love parties and going out to restaurants with big groups of fun people, and while people usually love you, it's very important to remember to give other people a break, especially If too much socializing stresses them out.