How Good is Your Memory?

Answer our 9 questions to find out how good of a memory you have!

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You are a veritable treasure trove of facts and you unconsciously internalize information once you take it in. Your attentiveness and good listening have helped you hone a memory that can retain facts from even the earlier years of your life. As a result, you are a good student, good friend, and an organized, efficient employee.

Near perfect
You have a great memory but struggle a bit with short term information. Try some memory puzzles online, or commit to memorizing a short quote or poem a few times a month. This will help sharpen your short term memory and also impress your friends and family who will wonder what's happened to you! Continue to celebrate important dates and events with loved ones, as this will seal memories you can hold for life.

You have a decent memory but some careful studying and attentive listening could go a long way to improve it! Stick to the study guides, routines,and thoughtful gestures and your memory will continue to improve. Don't be afraid to review old files, projects, and report cards from your past because this will jog your memory and you will realize how many other pieces of information are tucked away in your mind!

Not so hot
You don't have a good memory, but it's not too late. Start with getting a wall calendar or planner that you enter everyones birthdays into, and put it in a visible place. Try to rely less on your phone for reminders, and eventually wean yourself off of that and switch back to storing info in your head. This will keep your mind sharper as you age.

You've made a habit out of cramming, relying on others to remember important dates, and asking people to repeat themselves, so your memory has suffered a lot. You can fix this through practicing to be a better listener, keeping a planner that you consult regularly, and ask a lot of questions in conversations so that you will have mental clues to remember information by. The more you engage with someone or some topic, the more likely you are to remember important details.

Your memory is so terrible you have trouble remembering your own name! Just kidding, but really you need to exert some control over your brain because it can be trained to think and behave how you want it to. Reading a lot, taking notes, and (this is important) reviewing them are a good place to start if you want to retain news or history. If you want to become a better conversationalist, begin by asking clarifying questions of and over time you will begin to retain more details.