Occupation Quiz

If you're unsure about how long you should stay at your current job this quiz is for you. It will analyze your current circumstance and your goals and then tell you how long you should stay!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Right Now
Your job does not appreciate you nearly enough. You hate it there, and it really is not doing anything for your future goals. Trust your gut and leave this job. You really won't regret standing up for yourself.

In A Year
This job isn't part of your long term plan, but based on your current financial needs you need to stick with it for now. It's really whats best even if it doesn't feel like it. In about a year you'll be able to leave it and this year will seem like nothing in the long run.

In Three Years
You still have things to learn from this job. While it may not be time to quit just yet, you should take in everything you can from this job. Overall, if nothing else this will give you good experience and something to put on your resume.

In Five Years
This job is a steeping stone for your permanent career. Learn skills and techniques in your desired craft and then in five years start applying to jobs that actually are suited to your end goals and fulfill you.

In Ten Years
This is a good job for you. It has a lot of the things you're looking for. If you're not going to retire in ten years at least you will then be in a position to try a job that fulfills you on a deep and permanent level.

You're already at your dream job. That is so amazing! You work hard, love your boss, and love your coworkers. Never mind the fact that you make enough money to live comfortably and do all the things that you want!