Am I Going Crazy?

Are you have some strange feelings wash over you lately and you're thinking that you might be going crazy? We can help you find out if it's true with this quiz!

Tags: Personality, Crazy, Insane

Am I Going Crazy?

1. Do you have a lot of negative thoughts or feelings?

No Sometimes Yes

3. How often do you feel overwhelmed?

All the time Not very often Maybe a few times a month

6. How much hope do you have for the future?

A ton! A decent amount None ▶ Next Question ◀

Here are all the results with descriptions

Not Going Crazy At All
There isn't anything about you that is going crazy judging by the way you answered these quiz questions. In fact, you're on the exact opposite side of the crazy spectrum. You seem to be doing everything completely sane.

Not Really Going Crazy
You have a couple of things about you that point you in the direction of crazy, but you're far from being there. Everyone has their moments of insanity once in a while. Just take it and stride and keep pushing forward.

Maybe Going A Little Crazy
Okay, well, you might be going a little crazy. There is probably something happening in your life right now that has your brain going in a hundred different directions at once. That's okay though because at least it's not permanent. At least you should hope not.

Kind Of Going Crazy
You have answered several questions that put you in a seat on the crazy train, but you're far from going completely crazy. Try meditation or get a massage. You might be amazed at what a little relaxation can do for your mental state.

Really Going Crazy
Holy smokes, there's a lot going on in your life that has you really going crazy! You aren't 100% there yet, but you're right on the edge. It's time to take a vacation from it all and get your mind back in the right spot before it's too late.

100% Crazy
It's pretty likely that you already knew this, but we can tell by your answers that you are already 100% going crazy. It's time to slow down and refocus what's going on around you before you get stuck in this situation forever.