Who Should I Marry?

Take this quiz to find out who we think you should marry. Answer questions about your preferences in a significant other, and we'll tell you what kind of person is the perfect fit for you.

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Here are all the results with descriptions

A Personal Trainer
You should marry a personal trainer. Either you are a fitness junkie yourself, or you just care about being in shape. Your perfect person will not just be happy to accompany you to the gym, but they're also full of insight and knowledge to help you out.

A Medical Professional
You should marry a medical professional. You love a person who works in the industry and is passionate about helping others in need. Your perfect person has a big heart and a very smart brain. Even though the work hours might be rough, you don't mind knowing that they are saving lives.

An Entrepreneur
You should marry an entrepreneur. You love a person that's good with business and has even better ideas. You don't mind hearing ideas day in and day out because you know that one day it will lead to success. You are patient and a great listener.

A Nomad
You should marry a nomad. You love an adventurous soul and can't wait to explore the world together. You don't mind that your perfect person doesn't have a lot of money. What's important to you is passion and a curiosity to see the world.

An Artist
You should marry an artist. You love a creative partner, whether it's in the performance arts or fine arts. You love a partner that is passionate about their art, even if it's not a lucrative job. With an artistic partner, you get to see the creative process and a sneak peak at the final product before the public.

A Teacher
You should marry a teacher. You love someone who is passionate about making a difference. Your special someone is dedicated, hardworking, and full of patience regardless of who they teach. Whether it's elementary school kids or college students, your future partner has a hand in educating the future generation.