Are You A Bad Person? No. 2

Figure out if you're just an overall bad person or not, according to my warped standards. I don't personally judge, but the results you get will probably tell you about what kind of person you are. There is a solid 'correct' answer for each one, but it's still entirely subjective. Don't let this define who you are, unless the results tell you you're a sociopath. Then you should get some help.

Tags: Bad, Person, People, Evil

Here are all the results with descriptions

Jesus Christ, I didn't think that was possible. How are you even taking this quiz? How have you not set fire to your house yet and killed everyone you love? I'm afraid of you. Good Lord.

You know, you don't have to be perfect. For whatever reason, you seem to be all high-and-mighty with your morals and whatnot. God damn angel.

Normal person
That is all. You are indeed, a normal person.

Kinda bad
You're not a sociopath, but you're not an angel. Somewhere in between. Loser.

You're fine, I guess. I mean, you're pretty much one step below being a good person.