What Kind Of Woman Do You Prefer?

If there was one type of woman in the earth, what would you like it to be? This is what that quiz is all about!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

The sexi one
This woman is more about her look than about her mental gifts. You going to meet her in a clothing store alone or with her friends. She is very pretty and majestic, and this is why you like her. She's also pretty sexi!

The wife one
This is a woman that have been in many relationships, but she still searching the one! She is cute shy and pretty most of the times. You can find her in a casual place like a bus stop. If you are not going serious with her, then better don't approach her!

The introvert one
This isn't a woman that hate communicate. She have friends. But it would be hard make her even talk to you. She is really shy but if you make her trust you she's becoming a cute normal girl.

The friend one
That woman is pretty cute and you like to spend time with her. The problem is that she almost immediately passed you on the friend zone. You most likely going to find her in a coffee with her friends. So if you feel like it go ahead.