How Determined Are You?

Wondering just how determined you are? Whether it's enough to make it through the toughest of situations, or not? Then it's time to find out once and for all.

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Super Determined
You could move mountains with your determination. You could do most anything you set your mind to! And that means that when you decide to do something, everyone better step back and watch the show. Because you're going to get things done.

Moderately Determined
You're not the most determined person out there, but that doesn't mean you're not determined anyway. You're a good, healthy amount of determined. It's just that if there are a ton of obstacles in your way, over and over again, you're going to take it as a sign that maybe it's just not going to work out.

Not Very Determined
You're not determined at all, and that's because you've never seriously wanted something in your life. Everything you've ever wanted, you've gotten without much effort, so. . . you don't really value anything you have to fight for. If anything is too hard, then it's just not worth your time. You much rather go do something else at that point.