What Should I Research?

Do you have the mind to learn and learn and learn some more? Is research something you excel at? Then this is the perfect quiz for you to find out what you should research next.

Tags: Career, School, Intelligence

Here are all the results with descriptions

Color Trends
You should research the latest color trends! You've been aching to get to a creative project and looking into color trends can serve as the perfect motivation to get you to designing, drawing, photographing and more.

You should research sustainability! You have a huge heart and want to do what you can to help protect the earth. Check out the zero-waste movement and see what you can do to live a sustainable lifestyle.

Gender Equality in Another Country
You should research gender equality in another country. You have a huge curiosity and tend to be fascinated by people. This will give you a lot of insight and stories into lives you wouldn't get to know otherwise.

The History of Criminal Justice
You are fascinated by the criminal justice system and you probably love crime shows. Dive into this fascinating and detailed history and learn about the real-life events that are happening now and in our history.

Your Personal Heroes
You should research your personal heroes! You know exactly who motivates you but there's no reason you shouldn't know everything about them. Use their history and accomplishments to help empower yourself.

The Benefits of Tea
You should research the benefits of tea! You seek a healthy lifestyle and love reading about the latest research in nutrition. There's tons of research on tea, so you'll never grow bored of reading up on it.