K-Pop Music Quiz

Are you a super duper K-pop fan? Is your bias keeping you from knowing everything about k-pop or are you still a k-pop genius? Find out by taking this quiz!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

A K-pop newbie
You don't know much about Korean pop - yet. But, you're probably going to learn more now. Hopefully, the answers to the quiz have inspired your love of this music genre and you'll want to know more about it!

Know a little
You have a little bit of knowledge about Korean pop music but you're not a true blue fan yet. Don't worry - you're obviously well on your way. Just keep listening and following your passion for Korean pop music!

Are a K-pop fan
You know more than the average person about Korean pop music and it looks like you've been following the genre for a while. You're not an expert yet, but you might be soon. Have you introduced your friends to k-pop yet? You should!

Know a lot about K-pop
You are a true blue fan of k-pop and probably follow several idols - even ones that haven't been around in years. You know almost everything there is to know about Korean pop music, but not quite everything. Learn more and retake the quiz to see if you're an expert!

Are a K-pop Expert
You know everything there is to know about the Korean pop music genre. Either you've been following it from the beginning or you're a k-pop idol in disguise taking this quiz to see if we got it right! If you're the latter, don't you have a rehearsal to get to?