Do I Look Pretty?

Wondering whether or not you look pretty before walking out of the house is something that all women think of. Before you start doubting yourself, take this quiz and find out!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

There isn't a single thing about you and the way you answered these quiz questions that makes you pretty. You probably don't take very good care of yourself, and you have a bad attitude to boot. It's time to clean yourself up!

Not Very Pretty
You might have a couple of qualities of a pretty person like maybe you have beautiful eyes or healthy hair or something, but as far as everything else goes, you don't have a whole lot going on. Sorry, but we are going to have to say that you are not very pretty. . . at least right now.

In terms of how pretty you are, your answers tell us that you're about average. You aren't ugly, but you aren't drop-dead gorgeous either. You likely just blend in with the crowd, and not many people notice you. If you're okay with average, then you have nothing to worry about.

Kind Of Pretty
We're going to say that you're kind of pretty according to the way that you answered these questions about yourself. There are some areas where you could make improvements, but nobody is perfect. You have nothing to worry about. We would say that you're doing just fine.

Very Pretty
It's our guess that you likely have a group of guys and even girls following you around a lot of the time because they can't get over how pretty you really are! There are a couple of changes you could make if you wanted to, but you're stunning just how you are!

Absolutely Stunning
You are looking way more than just pretty as long as your answers to these questions were honest and accurate. You're as good looking as they come, and that has more to do with just your appearance. You really are the full package!