History Of Theatre

How much do you know about the history of the theatre? It might go back a lot further than you think! Find out whether you're a theater newbie or geek or how much you know by taking this quiz!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Very little
You know little to nothing about the history of the theatre. That doesn't mean you don't appreciate it! And really, it doesn't have to be all about the details. If you like plays, see plays. If you like acting, act. If you want to sing, sing.

A little
You know a little bit about the theatre, but not very much. You know enough to show you have an interest in what happens behind the scenes and who's who in the history of the stage. Continue on your journey of learning and maybe you'll find some plays you can put on your bucket list to see!

About the history of theatre
You know about as much of the history of theater as the average theatre geek. So, you're in good company but there's still a lot more you could learn. If you're considering a career in theatre, get cracking and learn more!

A lot
Your knowledge of the history of theatre is impressive. You must really love it a lot. If you haven't considered a career in theatre or a related field, maybe you should. You obviously have a passion for it. Look into it!

You are a true expert when it comes to the history of the theatre. Are you a theater teacher or professor? Maybe the world's most pre-eminent house manager or director? Share your love of the theatre with your friends!