Flower Trivia

Are you passionate about gardening and flowers? Do you think you know everything there is to know about flowers? Find out right now with this fun and easy quiz!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Nothing About Flowers
Have you ever even been outside? You aren't someone that takes in your surroundings very well, are you? You don't know anything about flowers really. We're going to suggest that the next time you're out and about, you stop and smell the roses!

Not Very Much About Flowers
There are a couple of these questions about flowers that you got correct, but for the most part, you didn't do too well on this quiz. If it's something you're genuinely interested in, there are plenty of resources out there for you to study up on and learn more!

Some About Flowers
It seems like you know the basic facts about flowers, but when things turn a little more technical in the category, you aren't quite there yet. That's okay because you did reasonably well on this quiz. You can always come back and try again if you think you can do better!

A Lot About Flowers
When it comes to flowers, you know your stuff! You got the majority of these questions right, and some of them weren't all that easy. You probably have your flower beds that grow gorgeously every year because you've done your research. Way to go!

Everything About Flowers
You must have taken some college courses on floriculture or something, because you know everything there is to know about flowers. You aced this quiz, and that's not something that is easily done. If you don't have a flower garden at your house, we would be shocked.