What Type Of Reader Are You?

Have you ever wondered what type of reader you are? Are you a ravious bookworm devouring everything in sight or a gourmet reader who savors each book? Do you binge-read or window-shop for new books? Are you a social reader?

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Social Reader
Similar to social drinking (but easier on the liver), you only read socially or casually. You will probably pick up a New York Times Bestseller if enough people are talking about it or maybe you will read the book club's pick this month because they finally chose something interesting. You enjoy reading books about to become movies so you can talk the talk with the more bookish people in your circle.

Sporatic Reader
You genuinely like to read but your reading patterns are spontaneous, erratic and hard to predict even for you! One day you might be reading a gardening book on petunias and the next you are reading about the French Revolution. It is also not uncommon for you to go months between reading sessions.

You like to stalk through the dusty shelves of local bookstores, libraries and yard sales like a hunter stalking your prey. You have your own method for the ideal prey but typically you like shiny eye-catching covers, yummy sounding descriptions, and catchy titles. Sometimes you stick to one genre and sometimes you spread around a bit.

Binge Reader
Similar to people who watch an entire season of their favorite show in one day, you devour a series of books end to end in a matter of days. You like to read a series so you can go from book to book without the annoying lag of trying to find a new book after you finish one. The worst day for you is when the series ends and you have to move on to new books. You are also talented at crash-course reading on some subjects.

Gourmet Reader
Books are special to you. You like to take your time selecting them, savoring them as you read them (probably slowly) and you take the time to mark down your favorite passages. Sometimes you carry the book around just for company or to stroke the cover when you really want to read it but don't have the time. You treasure each book you read.

Total Bookworm
You probably prefer the term of Bookdragon to bookworm but all the same, books are life to you. It doesn't matter a whole lot what exactly the book is about so long as you are reading a book. Sometimes you read several books at the same time and you feel very lost when you are between books. You are the reader who reads all the time during commutes, in the bathtub or even while walking or making meals.