What Type Of Furry Am I?

Wondering what type of furry you really are? Then it's time to get some answers. Take this insightful quiz if you're dying to know more about your creative self!

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Cartoons And Games
We're not talking casually loving Pikachu and thinking he'd be a great pet. We're talking an absolute love of a fictional character, or two, or three, or more, but certainly not of the sexual variety. You're a fan. So anything to do with those cartoons, or game characters, gets your attention, much like someone might react over their favorite sports team.

You feel a deep, spiritual connection with an animal. It could be a fox, a dog, a cat, anything. For many, they are totems, which refers to the belief that this animal is a reflection of their inner selves. And if that sounds weird, this has been in existence since at least 3000 BC, with branches of Christianity believing in guardian angels who appeared in animal forms, so take that!

You know what this is, it's what EVERYONE thinks of when they hear the word 'furry. ' These are people who love to dress up in fur suits and pretend to be the animal of their choosing. And it also covers part of a fur suit without being a complete head to toe one. For instance, someone wearing ears, a tail, and paws would still be fursuiting. These outfits are mainly for conventions, but they can also be used in sexual play depending on the person.

You are a furry strictly for sexual reasons. Others are into it for spiritual reasons, some for the sake of fandom and art, but you? You get aroused. And that's totally a-okay. Thing is, about this category, it's really divided up into at least 8 other categories. For instance, exotic furries get aroused by aliens and monsters. But impossible furries get their kicks out of things that can't and shouldn't happen in reality, like transformations.