How Tough Am I?

Wondering how tough you really are? If you're physically tough-looking, or actually emotionally tough as well? Then it's time to find out once and for all!

Tags: Tough, Strong, Personality, Character-Traits

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You're tough, through and through. Capable of withstanding more than most, you're not one to give up easily. You fight for what you want and need, and you're not shy about calling people out for their injustices. You know how to communicate nice and clearly, so everyone knows where you stand. And when it comes to the physical stuff, you give it your all at the gym. You're tough, through and through!

Physically Tough
You are physically tough, meaning you're the type to look the part, even if you're big softie on the inside. You are possibly built, if you're a man, and muscular and toned if you're a woman (not body building type, but maybe). And you are known for your grueling gym routine. You might even dress the part! But on the inside, you're a cuddly bear.

Emotionally Tough
You may look like your average person, or maybe a little more innocent, but you know what? You're emotionally tough. Maybe even more than most! You're so emotionally tough, you're capable of withstanding quite an emotional beating in the name of something you believe in, want, or need. The good news? You're smart enough, and tough enough, to walk away when you know it's a lost cause.