How Old Are You Based On Your Food Choices?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Based on your food choices, we believe that you are 31 years old! You’re past the age of purely eating junk food but have not yet embraced your healthy side. You love to indulge in heavy dishes like pastas and pizza. We won’t tell, you only live once!

Based on your food choices, you are 42 years old! You’re very conscious of what you put in your body and how it helps to fuel your day. You believe that every food serves a certain purpose. This is why you tend to eat clean, natural, and whole foods.

Based on your food choices, we think you are 55 years old! You know how to truly live life to the fullest by eating anything and everything in moderation. You realize that cutting out entire food groups makes you feel deprived, but eating too many sweets can add up on you waist line. Your motto is to try a little bit of everything. ‘

Based on your food choices, we think you are 21 years old! You’re living life to the fullest and eating every food you have a craving for. It’s that special time in life when you can eat tons of junk food, take out, and sweets and barely gain a pound. Lucky you!

Based on your food choices, you are 65 years old! Your food choices depend heavily upon health and longevity. You realize that what you eat can make you feel good or bad. You want to live long enough to get to know your grand kids and possibly even their grandkids. This is why you make mindful food choices.