Is Your Life Awesome?

Are you living the dream?

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Completely Awesome!
You have life figured out! You've followed your dreams, you've chased your rainbows, and you live every moment to its fullest. You can look back at what's gone before with satisfaction and pride, and look forward to the future with excitement. You know what is important and things that really make you happy. Your life is awesome, because you are awesome.

Mostly Awesome!
You know exactly what you want and what you need. Life isn't always easy, but you know how to deal with the hard times and chase your dreams. You appreciate the life you've got and the people in it. You're happy and content, and always have time to help others.

Pretty Awesome!
You are pretty content with your life. There are a few things you're still working on to change, but you're always optimistic and positive. You know that change doesn't just happen; you've got to make it happen! And that's just what you do, each and every day. You're not afraid to mix things up.

Sometimes Awesome!
You always see the bright side to everything, and always appreciate the awesome moments of your life. Maybe all of the details in your life aren't perfect, but you've got awesome people around you who always bring you brightness, joy, and awesome moments.

Becoming Awesome!
This is an exciting time for you right now, as things slowly start to come together and you realize your dreams. It's been a lot of hard work, but it's finally starting to pay off. You're thrilled at everything you've accomplished already and are excited at what's ahead!

A Work in Progress
Maybe you don't have the life you want yet, but you've got what it takes to make it. Building an awesome life takes hard work, determination, and a good heart, of which you've got all three. You'll succeed if you just keep working, keep believing, and keep strong!