What Does This Year Have In Store For You?

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You are kind, warm-hearted, and caring. It's evident that you are loyal to anyone that you love, and you've also been hurt by those you love in the past. Don't let that faze you, though - whether it involves rekindling an old love, or finding a new one, this year will bring warm, fuzzy feelings and butterflies in your stomach!

Your optimistic, effervescent personality rubs off on others - in a good way! People love your cheerful, happy spirit. This year will bring many new friends your way, and you'll have many opportunities to rekindle relationships with old ones too!

You are one determined individual! You have big goals and aspirations for yourself, and you won't stop hustling until you achieve them. Not to worry though, your ambition and hard work will bring much success this year.

You've been bit by the travel bug! Your wanderlust is apparent, and your adventurous spirit will bring many opportunities for new experiences and exotic sights this year. Whether it be discovering something amazing in your own back yard or a big around-the-world trip, adventure awaits!

You are unique, free-spirited, and carefree. You have no problem marching to the beat of your own drum and going against the grain. Your 'carpe diem' attitude guarantees many surprises and unexpected twists and turns in your life - in a good way - this year! Get ready, the rest of 2015 will be an exhilarating ride.