Can We Guess What Type Of Kid You Were?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Weird Kid
You were a weird kid. You stood out from the crowd and always seemed just a little bit odd. You were the type to say things that made others raise their eyebrows.

Cool Kid
You were a cool kid. Others followed your lead and loved your awesome personality. You were popular and friendly, and you took an interest in a diverse range of subjects and activities.

Funny Kid
You were a funny kid. You were the one everyone could count on for a great joke, prank, or witty observation. You could make anyone laugh, even on their worst day.

Rebellious Kid
You were a rebellious kid. You were the type to test your boundaries and push the limits. You always had fun ideas, and would often break the rules to enjoy life.

Daring Kid
You were a daring kid. You came up with the most dangerous and exciting ideas, and people could get into trouble by following you on your adventures.