What Is Your Personality In Bed?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Strictly Business
You love your bed because you love to sleep. You go to bed to go to sleep - it's that simple! Unless you're REALLY feelin' it, it's hard for you to associate anything else with your bed than peaceful, heavenly, glorious sleep. Your personality in bed is 'strictly business.'

Pillow Talker
In bed is where you do most of your deep thinking. When you share your bed with someone else, it's your favorite place to have conversations. Whether they are simple leisurely talks or deep, intelligent convos, you are definitely a pillow talker.

Clingy Cuddler
You love to love and be loved. You're very romantic, and you care deeply about those who have your heart. When you're in bed, you like to cuddle and feel protected. You are a clingy cuddler!

Bed Hogger
You have a very big personality. You like to be noticed and be surrounded by friends and family. When you walk into a room, you become the life of the party. This big personality of yours fills up a bed, literally. When you're in bed, you like to stretch out and take over all of the space. You're a bed hogger!