Which Love Song Is Actually About Your Love Life?

Here are all the results with descriptions

'Can't Help Falling In Love' (Elvis Presley)
When you fall for someone, you fall QUICKLY. You are a true romantic, a lover of long walks on the beach and romantic picnics, obsessed with the idea that you can be swept off your feet and have your breath taken away by 'The One.' Because of this, you love easily and whole-heartedly...which is not always a bad thing!

'I Will Always Love You' (Whitney Houston)
When it comes to love, you connect to someone on such a deep level. It takes forever for you to 'move on' or 'get over it.' You always leave a piece of your heart with those you have once loved because you wear your heart on your sleeve at times and connect that deeply with others when you are in a relationship.

'My Heart Will Go On' (Celine Dion)
You are resilient and persistent when it comes to love. Though love may have brought you heartache and sadness, you know you will continue to believe in the power of love. And once you fall in love, you will always fight for it.

'Let's Stay Together' (Al Green)
You are an unconditional lover. As Al Green's song goes, when you love someone, you love him or her when times are good or bad, happy or sad. You know that love means more than just wanting to be with someone when he or she is looking great and has no problems whatsoever. You know the meaning of true, unconditional love!

'(Everything I Do) I Do It For You' (Bryan Adams)
You are selfless when it comes to a relationship. You give and give and give and don't expect much in return. You're always happy when the person you love is happy. This is an amazing quality, but always make time for self-care too!