What Outstanding Physical Trait Does Your Dream Man Have?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Amazing Green Eyes
Your dream man will have truly outstanding and amazing green eyes. Not only are his eyes seductive and expressive, but they convey the warmth and kindness you've always sought in a partner. Your dream man has soulful eyes that you can easily lose yourself in for hours.

A Dazzling Smile
Your dream man has an outstanding and dazzling smile! His smile is warm, kind, and genuine. He can ease the tension in a room with a single grin. Your guy has an amazing sense of humor, which makes his great grin all the more appealing.

A Chiseled Jaw
Your dream man comes complete with an outstanding chiseled jaw! You know how the men from the 30s and 40s always seemed so classically handsome? Blame it on their chiseled and strong jaw line. You've always been an old soul with a love oft he past. It makes sense that your dream man would be classically handsome in all the right ways.

A Body To Die For
Your dream man has an outstanding body! Even though you've never placed a high emphasis on physical looks, you're not one to shirk away from a partner with an amazing body. Much like you, your dream man takes care of himself. He frequently works out, loves to partake in activities such as hiking, and loves to eat good healthy food.

Amazing Fashion Sense
While it might not be a physical trait, your man always looks handsome from the outside. Your dream guy has an amazing fashion sense. Much like yourself, your guy always looks put together and appropriate for any and every situation.