How Did You Die In A Past Life?

Here are all the results with descriptions

World War II
In a past life, you died defending your country in World War II! You died a heroes death of honor and dignity. Not only were you serving the United States, but you were a beloved member of the infantry. This explains why you often feel a connection to this period of time.

The Black Death
In a past life you died during The Black Death! Unfortunately, this 14th century tragedy claimed over 75 million lives, including yours. The good news? You died as peacefully as someone in your condition could've died. Your suffering ended rather quickly. Now you've come back to try it all again!

Old Age
In a past life, you died of old age! Hey, it's not fascinating or heroic, but is there a more peaceful and easy way to leave the mortal world? You may not be able to say you died in battle or after a long voyage on the Mayflower, but you can say that you died with peace, grace, and the utmost amount of dignity.

Overindulging at Woodstock
In a past life, you died while overindulging at the 1969 Woodstock Music Festival. Hey, we get it, it was the 60s. There was a lot of fun to be had and some of it was illegal. Unfortunately, you dabbled in the illegal stuff a bit too much and died in the field at Woodstock surrounded by muddy hippies. Not a bad way to go depending on how you look at it!

On the Titanic
In a past life, you died on the mighty Titanic! That's right, you once lived a life of privilege that allowed you to end up on one of the world's most iconic and doomed ships. The good news is, you enjoyed yourself thoroughly before the ship hit the ice berg. After that, you went rather quickly. There was no hanging onto ship wreckage or proclaiming that you would never let go.