How Many People Will Attend Your Funeral?

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While you may think fifteen is not a whole lot of people, it's only because you specified you only wanted a few people to attend. While you may not think like that now, in the future you only want your close family and friends to attend your funeral.

You'll have quite a few people attending your funeral when you pass on. It'll be filled with plenty of close family and friends expressing their sorrows and basking in their memories of you.

Your funeral will be attended by quite a few people in your life. There will be many people expressing their grievances in your passing. You have an amazing personality and that'll leave an impression on many people.

You'll have an attendance that will reach at least the triple digits. You're an important person in your community and many people will come to give their sorrows.

You'll have a huge attendance for your funeral. You have an amazing personality and you'll touch many hearts in your life. You were important to many people and they want to attend your funeral in remembrance.