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You're Punctual, Dependable And Responsibile
When you say you are going to do something, you make sure to follow through with it. You always follow the rules and you expect others around you to do the same. Before you make any plans, you like to make sure you're well organized. You're respected by those who value tradition strongly.

Quiet, Dependable And Practical
While you may not say much, it doesn't mean your mind is not always swirling with ideas. When you make a promise, you make sure to stick to it and not falter. You may come off as cold and criticizing but your loved ones know how sensitive and kind you truly are.

Social, Nuturing And Encouraging
You have a way with words and you can easily make people take a liken to you. You like to be in the spotlight and you feel terrible if you do not feel appreciated enough. You're always looking out for people who may need your help or a little cheering up.

Charming, Sophisticated, Spontaneous
You're someone who tends to live in the moment and do whatever you want. You know how to talk with others and get what you need. You play up your assets well and it causes you to make friends quite easily. You tend to rely on others for details that you may have missed in life.

Mysterious, Dreamer, Imaginative
You tend to be pretty misunderstood because of your ideals and dreams. You usually tend to get lost in your thoughts as you imagine a greater future. You try to express your feelings through art and you feel most at home in the middle of nature.