What Herb Are You?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Cultivated for more than 5,000 years, basil is a staple in cooking and is relatively easy to use. Much like this herb, you're flavorful, traditional, and full of spunk. You can elevate the boring to the extraordinary in moments.

You're the refreshing and amazing cilantro! Is anything more crisp or tasty than fresh cilantro on a spicy dish. Much like this herb, you've got a calming effect on most people. You can take a tense moment and diffuse it in a matter of seconds.

Lemon Grass
You're the delicious and tangy lemon grass! Much like this herb, you're eccentric, unique, and far from boring. Others are drawn to your magnetic and refreshing personality. There's no one else quite like you in the world!

You're the refreshing and well-loved mint! Much like mint, you're a palette cleanser from all that's bad and of ill taste in the world. People love your optimism, sense of humor, and compassion. You're truly a lover of all mankind.

You're the delicious and refreshing parsley! Much like this herb, you're adaptable and easy going. You can get along with people from all walks of life without any issues whatsoever. Your way with people is truly admirable!