What Ballroom Dance Are You?

Each ballroom dance has a life and personality all its own. Find out what ballroom dance you are!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Cha Cha!
You are flirtatious and full of passion and energy. You are on fire when you are in sync with your romantic partners, but when you fall out of step, things come to an abrupt halt. Keep in mind that we don't have to agree on everything to have wonderful relationships!

You are simple and down-to-earth. You are fun to be around but never get accused of 'stealing the show.' You are a romantic at heart, but you don't need your romance to be over the top. You believe that simplicity done right can often be the most impressive.

You are lively and fast-paced. You jump from person to person and project to project easily. You are known for your never-ending sunny disposition. Just remember that sometimes it is okay to slow down.

You are a sensual and emotional person. You move carefully and with meaning in all that you do. You wear your emotions on your sleeves, and you make no apologies for your reactions to others.

You are popular with people of all ages. You get along great with other people, but you are just as happy when you are by yourself. You are upbeat, and you move quickly. You welcome cooperation as long as those offering to help can keep up!

You are a classic in everything that you do. You never get in a rush. You get along well with the older generation, but it never takes too long for younger people to warm up to you. You appreciate grace and elegance, and strive for it in everything that you do.