Which Ocean Are You?

If you were an ocean, which one would you be? Find out now by taking this quiz!


Here are all the results with descriptions

Pacific Ocean
You are the Pacific Ocean. You're calm, cool, and collected, and are a bit of a hippie at heart. You avoid conflict like the plague, and the mistreatment of animals and violence against humanity breaks your heart. You're intelligent and kind, and are accepting of all kinds of people without judgment.

Indian Ocean
You are the Indian Ocean. You're into spirituality, transcendence, and philosophical topics. You love exploring spirituality, and other people see you as a peaceful, deep sort of person. You are probably into yoga, religion, art, music, and dance--and appreciate learning more about the beautiful aspects of different cultures.

Atlantic Ocean
You are the Atlantic Ocean. You love business, negotiations, and sales. You're a born businessman or woman, in fact, and feel the most alive when closing a deal. You're smart and shrewd, and are great with money--and people fear, admire, and envy you.

Arctic Ocean
You're the Arctic Ocean! You're an intellectual at heart, with a wonderful sense of judgement and common sense. You see things clearly and rationally, and don't take simple issues to heart like many other people do. You are capable of extracting your emotions from a situation to see it clearly enough to make a rational conclusion, which can sometimes make others view you as cold or uncaring.

Antarctic Ocean
You are the Antarctic Ocean. You're adventurous and daring, a true explorer at heart. You are courageous and confident, and never 'sweat the small stuff.' You are probably very funny and charismatic, and generally set people at ease with your open personality and happy-go-lucky vibe.