What Type Of Party Are You?

If you were a party, what type of party would it be? Take this simple quiz to find out!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Keg Party
The music is bumping; the drinks are flowing; the dance floor is full; and your party is a success! You may not know half of the people here, but that's half the fun! Your laid-back, devil-may-care attitude is the perfect match for a wild shindig such as this. You love to have fun, and you leave pretentiousness at the door. Your social nature means everyone is welcome at your party. Now, who wants a beer?

Cocktail Party
Class and elegance are words frequently used to describe your style. Your timeless sense of beauty touches everything in your life, from your choice in wardrobe to your choice in friends. You know exactly what you want in life, and you cultivate it carefully. Your cocktail soiree is a swanky affair with top-shelf drinks and fancy hors d'oeuvres, and your guest list was carefully crafted from only the most interesting people you know. Cheers, darling!

Masquerade Ball
Mysterious and enchanting, your intriguing personality is the perfect match for a masquerade ball. You love to get dressed up and love a little excitement even more. Though you can often be somewhat introverted, a masked party is the perfect opportunity for you to break out of your shell. No one will know who you truly are, so you're free to invent a whole new you for a night! Drink, dance, and flirt the night away!

Fun and easygoing, a Hawaiian luau is the perfect party for you! The dress code is shorts, flip-flops, or even a bathing suit! You take every chance you can to kick back and enjoy life, and this party is no different. There are no official guest lists or formal seating; everyone is welcome to come and enjoy the delicious food and casual atmosphere. The music is light; the drinks are flowing; and everyone is having a great time!

Ugly Sweater Party
Your quirky and inventive nature means you're never doing what's popular at the moment. You march to the beat of your own drum, and this party is no different. You like to challenge your friends to be creative, and you're always thinking outside the box. You love having fun, and you don't tend to worry what other people think of you. Your party is a small gathering with just your close friends and family, because they are the people most important to you.

Slumber Party
Your calm and quiet nature means loud, raging parties have never been your thing. You prefer the company of close friends and meaningful conversation. Your loyalty as a person has never been doubted, and those closest to you know you would do anything for them. Your perfect party is a quiet night in, talking about life or maybe even watching a movie. Good food, good friends, and a comfy couch are all you've ever needed to have a good time!