What Viking Saga Are You?

Viking sagas are epic stories that are sometimes based on reality. Which one matches your reality? This quiz will tell!

Here are all the results with descriptions

The Curse of Andvari's Ring
You see adventure, mystery, and most of all, treasure. As you battle your way through snake pits and murders, and even past Attila the Hun, you find yourself held captive by enchanted fire, love, and sorcery. Will you kill the dragon? Will you be reunited with your love?

The Theft of Thor's Hammer
You believe in exacting justice and using your clever wit to do it. A giant has stolen your hammer and won't give it back unless you get your beautiful friend, Freya, to marry him. So what do you do? You go to the wedding in drag and pretend to be her until the marriage is sealed with a kiss. Then you take your hammer back and, in a comic twist, bash the giant over the head with it and walk away.

Odin Wins the Runes
You are a deep thinker that will sacrifice both your time and maybe even your sanity to find truth and meaning in life. When Odin wanted to know the secrets of the runes, he hung himself upside down for nine days and even stabbed himself to gain insight and find the answer. His sacrifice paid off, and he learned everything about, well, everything!

Eirik's Saga
You're a born traveler and adventurer! This saga is about the Viking discovery of America. Eirik sees it when his ship is blown off-course from Greenland. They later go back and explore it. They travel southward and find Vinland but are run off by the Skraelings, otherwise known as Native Americans.

Volund the Smith
Are you always searching for love? So was Volund. He met and fell in love with a valkyrie and married her. He was a goldsmith and jeweler, and she was a career woman who was passionate about her job bringing fallen warriors to the gods for honor. When she goes back to work shortly after their marriage, he misses her and goes in search of her. He is imprisoned by a king that wants him to marry HIS daughter, but he escapes by making himself a golden pair of wings so he can fly away in search of his wife.

Voluspa--The Prophecy of the Seeress
You're a dreamer with hope. You can forsee bad things happening, but you also see that positive outcomes can be born out of strife. In the poetic saga Voluspa, an elderly sorceress sees the end of the world, but she also sees it rise from the ashes.